Franchise Frisor Barbershop 

The largest chain of men's hair salons in Ukraine

Open your business on our franchise and
Make a profit from $2 000per month!

About the Frisor Franchise

Award winners Choice of Ukraine 2018
36 salons
33 - in Ukraine 3 - in Poland and Lithuania
18 000
Clients come to our salons every month
50 000 000 UAH
is the annual turnover
of our chain

Why is barbershop a profitable business?

  • 99% of men do not go back to a beauty salon after a barbershop
  • 72% of clients become regular
  • 48% is the increase of the market volume every year
  • 3 000 UAH of revenue per year brings every regular client
  • 50 000 people is the average population per barbershop
  • 57% of the market is occupied by chain barbershops
  • 160barbershops work in Ukraine, 80 of them in Kyiv

Growth history

330 000 UAH
3 000 000 UAH
13 000 000 UAH
30 000 000 UAH
50 000 000 UAH
Expected growth in 2019
90 000 000 UAH
Make an appointment for a tour to one of our salons, we will show you how the business works.

Do you want to know how much you’ll earn on one haircut?

results are taken on the basis of the analysis of the activities of existing salons and their efficiency
Average check
250 UAH
Royalties 5% 12,50 UAH
Rent 9% 23,33 UAH
Utility payments 3% 6,94 UAH
Salary of the master 40% 100,00 UAH
Salary of the administrator 6% 13,89 UAH
Housewares 4% 9,72 UAH
Marketing 2% 5,56 UAH
Result Margin Amount
Profit 31% 78,06 UAH


For us, franchisees are partners. We want to attract like-minded people, who share our values. Together we want to build the largest international chain of barbershops.

Results are based on the analysis of existing salons and may differ due to different factors

Fair Сonditions

  • Franchise fee:
    $ 10 000
  • Royalty:
    5% (from the 4th month)
  • Start budget:
    $20 000 - $35 000
  • Average net income:
    from $2 000
  • Payoff period:
    up to 16 months
  • Execution period:
    up to 2 months

Calculate Your Profit

Rental price per month
Number of clients per day
Initial investment: 600 000 UAH
Client flow (guests per month): 100
Monthly expenses: 50 000 UAH
Average bill: 250 UAH
Monthly revenue: 420 000 UAH
Profitability: 25%
Monthly profit: 50 000 UAH
Payoff period: 10 місяців

What is included in the lumpsum payment?

We have transparent conditions for the lumpsum payment. Find out what is included in the amount of $10 000, we will work with your barbershop so that within 3 months you will be in profit.

Mobile Application
Adding a salon to the Frisor mobile application, which is already used by more than 12,000 people. Every day about 300 people install our application, using which they can easily make an appointment.
Barbershop Web-Site
Creating a selling web-site on the domain Our site has long been in GOOGLE TOP by the most popular and competitive inquiries, with site traffic of more than 50 000 people per month.
See an Example
Advertising Budget
During the first 3 months: we undertake all the advertising expenses for the content and marketing departments, all advertising budgets, payment for SMS notifications, newsletters for customers and Frisor radio to ensure the flow of the clients and start to earn from the first days of the salon operation.
Salon Design Project
Our designer will develop an individual design project specifically for your barbershop. We use a modular system of space inside the salon, so any construction company will be able to implement the project within the shortest period of time.
Annual payment for CRM system service for appointment and client managing. We will set up a system in accordance with the schedule of your masters, train the administrators to work with client records, keep a financial record of the barbershop and everything necessary for effective work.
Personnel Training
Fare and accommodation payment of our TOP Master and Administrator in your city for staff training and master classes. We follow trends, constantly improve and share our experience.

You can find the full list in the presentation

Download the Presentation

Our Advantages

More than 5 years in the field of beauty services, knowledge of the market not only within Ukraine
Advanced Technologies
We automate all the processes, we have one of the best IT teams. You can get more informationhere
Support and counseling of partner throughout the life cycle of the barbershop. Discounts for the supply of cosmetics and equipment
Powerful internal marketing department with high understanding of strategic planning. Announcement of the opening of the barbershop and support from the top bloggers of Ukraine
Working methods of management, introduction of relevant tools for development
One of the best training bases for masters is the barber school Frisor Barber School

Stages of salon opening

Filling and submitting an application
Negotiations, discussion of the Financial Plan, Analysis of the regional market
Partnership agreement Signing
Adding of a filiation to the web-site, mobile application. Setting up an account in CRM, social networks, and so on.
Transfer of Salon project design. Advising on renovation
Assistance in the room selection and evaluation
Activization of marketing campaigns
Assistance in staff recruitment, training by our staff
A party in honor of the official opening with a lot of guests and top bloggers of Ukraine.

What will our team do for a partner?

Operational support
Constant support for all operational business tasks
Marketing support
Providing a full range of online marketing services for filiation effective work
Staff development
Master classes, participation in championships and competitions
Closed club
Opportunity to communicate with all partners of the franchisee chain, experience exchange
Collaboration with partners
Free delivery of drinks from our partners like Coca-Cola, Tullamore Dew, Carlsberg
New Technologies Introduction
Online payment of services in the mobile application, making of appointments using bots in messengers, store integration into the applications, and much more

Our team

Dmitry Verkhovetsky
Founder and CEO
Yuri Stepanets
Marketing director
Alexander Bespalov
Head of the content department
Olena Sosnova
Chief Administrator

What do our partners say?

Vadim Sobko
Khmelnitsky City
Number of salons in the city: 1
Frisor is a big family, it's a closed club. Don’t be afraid to take steps and leave the comfort zone. There are people who will always support and help.
Vladimir Romanishin
Odesa City
Number of salons in the city: 2
The franchise closes all issues concerning construction, purchase of materials, organization of staff work, advertising. Now we are market leaders in Odesa and are preparing for the opening of the 3rd filiation.
Interview for Youtube-channel “Igor Braga”
Kyiv City
Number of salons in the city: 8
Ideological leader and founder of the chain Dmitry Verkhovetsky will tell you how to open a cool business and win leadership on the barbershop market.

What will your barbershop look like

Partnership conditions

We earn not on an initial contribution, but on the success of our partners. Therefore, we are not looking for people with money, but for those with whom we can build a successful scalable business. It is important for us that you are our person and share our principles.

Requirements to a partner

Desire to open a profitable business in collaboration with Frisor
We are sure that openness makes us better. We always face the truth. We are open to employees, customers and partners
We have opened more than 30 salons, we have wide experience in the work of barbershops. We want a partner to trust our experience

What else should you know

Our salons